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October 2004, Volume 11, Issue 3


Building Responsibility for Learning in Students with Special Needs
Karen Karp, Philip Howell
Ways that elementary school teachers can help students with special needs build responsibility for their own mathematical learning. Includes practical classroom applications for teachers of special needs students.

On Tests, Small Changes Make a Big Difference
Linda Wilson
The work of two students llustrates the need to consider changing the format of test items or making language adjustments to increase the validity of the test items as measures of the mathematics that students know. Teachers will learn about test items and how to adjust their teaching for students to perform better on assessments with they way they are currently formatted.

What Nathan Teaches Us about Transitional Thinking
Ann Taylor, Susan Breck, Carol Aljets
How a child's invented algorithm about tens and ones generated "transitional thinking" on the way to the construction of a mathematical understanding of place value. Also discusses how teachers can employ two important "best practice" classroom strategies, mathematical discourse, and the role of wait time in that discourse take on increasing importance during transitional thinking.

Planning Strategies for Students with Special Needs: A Professional Development Activity
Amy Brodesky, Fred Gross, Anna McTigue, Cornelia Tierney
A professional development activity on planning strategies to make mathematics lessons more accessible for students with special needs. Classroom teachers that serve students with special needs will benefit from the planning strategies highlighted in this article.

Differentiation for Special Needs Learners
Lou Lovin, Maggie Kyger, David Allsopp
The foundations underlying the process of instructional differentiation for students with learning problems in mathematics. Additionally, the article illustrates its application using a lesson that emphasizes the five Process Standards highlighted in Principles and Standards for School Mathematics.