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October 2009, Volume 16, Issue 3


Shopping carts and apple tarts
Lewis Walker, Lynn Waldron
Out-of-the-classroom mathematics experiences can lead to powerful “teachable moments” on social issues.

Gifted, Talented, and High-Achieving
Rita Barger
An experienced educator gives practical do-and-don’t guidelines to maximize students’ potential to advance mathematically every day.

Mathematical Interviews to Assess Latino Students
Anthony Fernandes, Cynthia Anhalt, Marta Civil
Teachers’ use of appropriate questioning strategies illustrates the interplay between language and math as English language learners describe their understanding of measurement in one-on-one interviews.

Equity for Language Learners: Reflect and Discuss
Rusty Bresser, Kathy Melanese, Christine Sphar

Learn how to focus mathematical language on concepts to accommodate the need of the 10 percent of U.S. students whose first language is not English.

more4u-TCM-100x23 Podcast from NCTM's 2010 Annual Meeting in San Diego, California
Supporting English Language Learners (ELLs) in Math Class
Presenters: Bernard George Bresser, Kathy Melanese

The Power of Choice
Wendy Bray
Infusing mathematics lessons with opportunities for students to make instructional choices is a teacher strategy to differentiate instruction toward achieving classroom equity.

Cultural Capital in Children’s Number Representations: Reflect and Discuss
Allison McCulloch, Patricia Marshall, Jessica DeCuir-Gunby
Youngsters’ out-of-school knowledge influences their pictorial representations of number.