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October 2010, Volume 17, Issue 3


Building word problems: What does it take?
Angela T. Barlow
Use this framework to open a window between your students' experiences and the world of problem solving.

Teaching teachers through justifying activities
Jane-Jane Lo, Raven McCrory
Prospective teachers need not waffle about developing the knowledge required to serve up appetizing justification and problem-solving methods to their elementary school students.

Raise the bar on problem solving
Lisa Englard
The Singapore model method provides a visual approach to help our future astronauts, engineers, and other workers focus on mathematical relationships, operations, and actions.

Example of a posttest (PDF)
Example of a posttest (Word)

A new world of mathematical thinking
James E. Schwartz
Use number composition and decomposition to break out of an assembly-line mentality.

Computational estimation
Maria G. Fung, Christine L. Latulippe
Preservice teachers learn how to ground their own number sense so their future students' skills will soar.

Strengthen your mathematical muscles
Kay A. Wohlhuter, M. Lynn Breyfogle, Amy Roth McDuffie
Try a different perspective to deepen your knowledge and better equip your students.

Connecting arithmetic to algebra
Joy W. Darley, Barbara B. Leapard
Performance assessments offer structure for building conceptual understanding and the mathematical confidence that preservice teachers will need to deliver effective instruction.