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November 1999, Volume 6, Issue 3


Beyond Helping with Homework: Parents and Children Doing Mathematics at Home
Marlene Kliman
Ideas on helping parents do mathematics with their children as part of everyday family life.

Dumpling Soup: Exploring Kitchens, Cultures, and Mathematics
Nancy Smith, Carolyn Babione, and Beverly Vick
How a multicultural children's book was used to launch a series of lessons to investigate a wide range of mathematics concepts.

How Huge Is a Hundred?
Susan Auriemma
Reflections on the author's trial-and-error experiences teaching about number to young children.

Journals and Portfolios: Alternative Assessment for Preservice Teachers
Cathy Liebars
Discusses the author's experience using two alternative assessment methods in an elementary mathematics methods course.

The Importance of Spatial Structuring in Geometric Reasoning
Michael Battista
How to help students see the structure of two-dimensional arrays and activities that connect spatial structuring to multiplicative thinking.

Reading, Writing, Arithmetic-Making Connections
Gwen Taylor
Shares children's literature selections that have mathematical connections. Includes instructional suggestions to combine language arts and mathematics.