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November 2000, Volume 7, Issue 3


Integrating Measurement Projects: Sand Timers
Barbara Lemme
A classroom project in which children used bottles and sand to explore mathematics.

Making Informed Choices: Selecting Children's Trade Books for Mathematics Instruction
Stacey Hellwig, Eula Ewing Monroe, James Jacobs
How to evaluate trade books (i.e., books other than textbooks) that are oriented toward teaching mathematics.

Incredible Equations Develop Incredible Number Sense
Sally Schneider, Charles Thompson
How an activity called Incredible Equations was used to develop second graders' number sense and number concepts. Includes equations created by the students and an analysis of the mathematics they learned.

Oil and Water Don't Mix, but They Do Teach Fractions
Cindy Anderson, Kevin Anderson, Edward Wenzel
Children are given a visual indicator of a fraction with an oil-and-water activity.

Lessons from the TIMSS Videotape Study
Eugene Geist
A TIMSS classroom videotape is analyzed with a view toward current and future teaching practices.