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November 2002, Volume 9, Issue 3


Last One Standing: Creative, Cooperative Problem Solving
David Green
How an elimination game played for fun turned into an extended exploration of mathematical problem solving and reasoning.

Learning Spanish while Practicing Mathematics Concepts and Skills: A Winning Combination
Gwendolyn Kelly, Teresa Kennedy, Megan Eberhardt, Laurie Austin
Description of a content-integration program in which Spanish is introduced while mathematics and other subjects are reinforced, creating a winning combination for students, teachers, and preservice teachers alike.

Experiencing and Understanding Mathematics in the Midst of a Story
Donna Jenner
How mathematical understanding grows and develops while children play with the mathematical ideas they see emerging as they hear and talk about the story "Selina and the Bear Paw Quilt".

Doing Mathematics Outside of School
David Pagni
A take-home assignment in which prospective teachers document others' solutions to a mathematics "story problem".

Cooperation and Consumerism: Lessons Learned at a Kindergarten Mini Mall
Robin Smith
Description of the development of mathematical thinking as children construct a mini mall. Students learn the importance of cooperation with their peers as they explore mathematical concepts such as one-to-one correspondence, classification, intersection of sets, coin identification and values, addition, subtraction, and problem solving.

Honoring Traditions: Making Connections with Mathematics through Culture
Deborah McLean
Using a non-standardized system of measurement in the Yup'ik culture of Alaska, the article explains how this traditional system can help create connections between mathematical concepts and how these concepts are used in the world outside the classroom.