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November 2003, Volume 10, Issue 3


Multiplication Games: How We Made and Used Them
Constance Kamii, Catherine Anderson
Several multiplication games that were used to develop third graders' fluency with multiplication facts.

Talk Counts: Discussing Graphs with Young Children
David Whitin, Phyllis Whitin
How a class of kindergarten children interpreted data and challenged its representation.

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The Missouri Elementary Mathematics Contest: Student Performance on Questions That Reflect NCTM Standards
Lynda Plymate, David Ashley
How questions from a statewide elementary mathematics contest reflect the newly updated NCTM Content Standards and how students performed on those Standards. The authors also discuss gender differences in performance.

Building a Vision of Algebra for Preservice Teachers
Sheryl Stump, Joyce Bishop, Barbara Britton
Three conceptual approaches to algebra and some corresponding activities that have been used in an algebra course for preservice elementary and middle school teachers at three different universities.