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November 2004, Volume 11, Issue 4


Promoting Problem-Posing Explorations
Phyllis Whitin
How unexpected observations by fourth grade students inspired some problem-posing investigations about perimeter and area. Teachers will learn how to use student observations to guide further investigations in the classroom.

Making Sense out of Cents
Claire Wiener, Carolyn Smith
A second-grade economics unit connected to the book Alexander Who Used to be Rich Last Sunday by Judith Viorst (1978), about a boy who wants to save a dollar but instead spends it on some unusual items. The culmination of the unit was to have the students publish their own books patterned after the Viorst book. Unit plans and examples are included.

Galleons, Magic Potions, and Quidditch: The Mathematics of Harry Potter
Jim Barta, Linda L'Ai
How children use situations from the popular Harry Potter stories to express and expand their mathematical understandings. Teachers will gain an understanding of the different kinds of math that are involved in the Harry Potter series and how to integrate the book into the mathematics classroom.

Connecting to Develop Computational Fluency with Fractions
Nancy Mack
How intermediate-grade students developed computational fluency for the addition and subtraction of fractions by focusing on the idea of operating on like-sized units and looking for similarities between problems and solution strategies. Teachers will learn how to use these problems and solution strategies in the classroom to reach a variety of diverse learners.