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November 2007, Volume 14, Issue 4


The Day Math and Reading Got Hitched
Shannon Foster
Article follows a teacher and her fifth grade class as they discover that their reading comprehension strategies cross over into mathematical problem solving. Visualization techniques are used to improve their understanding of word problems. Four student samples are included.

Storytelling + Origami = Storigami Mathematics
Marla Mastin
A way to engage students in mathematics learning using the innovative instructional method of storigami. A full first grade lesson is outlined with example dialogue and instructions for the origami. There is a step-by-step process of folding a dog.

Journeying into Mathematics through Storybooks: A Kindergarten Story
Jane Wilburne, Mary Napoli, Jane Keat, Kimberly Dile, Michelle Trout, and Suzan Decker
A lesson study project that explored the impact of using storybooks to teach mathematics in three kindergarten classrooms. Includes key points to consider when developing a unit around storybooks. The study involved three kindergarten teachers and three university educators, who collaborated to plan, design, implement revise, and reflect on a unit of mathematics that focused on the concept of money. The article has four examples of student work.

Gaining Insights into Children's Geometric Knowledge
Nancy Mack
How research on children's geometric thinking was used in conjunction with the picture book, The Greedy Triangle, to gain valuable insights into children's prior geometric knowledge of polygons. A template for the shape cards used in the discussed activity is included.