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November 2009, Volume 16, Issue 4


Math Club Problem Posing
Ksenija Simic-Muller, Erin Turner, Maura Varley
An after-school mathematics program for Latino students focuses on exploring the mathematical practices of the community’s businesses.

Support Preservice Teachers’ Reasoning and Justification
Margaret Rathouz
Engaged in using related division problems to support community building, teacher candidates examined video and other records, developed explanations and mental models, and analyzed task elements and implementations.

Mathematical Graphic Organizers
Alan Zollman
This alternative to standard four-step problem solving uses graphic organizers to give teachers quick, efficient diagnoses of students’ individual abilities and a comfortable, familiar method to facilitate instruction.

Early Algebra to Reach the Range of Learners
Deborah Schifter, Susan Russell, Virginia Bastable
Experiences explicitly stating generalizations and finding examples, counterexamples, and proofs—algebraic reasoning—lets young students think more about the principles that underlie their work and can support those who struggle as well as those who excel.

Supporting Math Vocabulary Acquisition
Jennifer Bay-Williams, Stefanie Livers
Learn when and how teachers can use rich mathematical vocabulary to develop and maximize students’ learning, particularly English Language Learners and struggling readers.