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November 2010, Volume 17, Issue 4


What math knowledge does teaching require?
Mark Hoover Thames, Deborah Loewenberg Ball
Effectively helping others learn is demanding work that necessitates sensibility as well as specialized knowledge and skill.

Balancing act
Lynne Haman
District and teachers' union personnel collaborated in creating a teaching and learning cooperative to maintain ongoing high-quality professional staff development.

Resources for Teaching and Learning Cooperatives

A reflection framework for teaching math
Eileen G. Merritt, Sara E. Rimm-Kaufman, Robert Q. Berry III, Temple A. Walkowiak, Erin R. McCracken
Evaluate the quality of your instruction by using the eight dimensions of M-Scan, an observation tool the links math standards with day-to-day practice.

A lesson-planning model
Sandra M. Linder
With attention to both content and context, this alternative model for instructional planning emphasizes the mathematical needs of students.