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November 2013, Volume 20, Issue 4


Virtual Place Value
Justin T. Burris
Compare how third graders think mathematically when using virtual versus concrete base-ten blocks to learn place-value concepts.

Sharing Beans with Friends- FREE PREVIEW!
Clare V. Bell
First graders in an urban public school actively engage with math by using the story Bean Thirteen as a context for developing number sense.

Appendix: Teaching guide and student activity sheet

Early Understanding of Equality
Aisling Leavy, Mairéad Hourigan, and Áine McMahon
One of the first math symbols introduced=the equals sign=underpins much of the algebraic reasoning a child will use in later years.

The Functionator 3000: Transforming Numbers and Children
Elaine Cerrato Fisher, George Roy, and Charles Reeves
Be inspired by a formerly timid third grader who now confidently conveys a new understanding of numbers, patterns, and their relationships as functions.