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December 2000, Volume 7, Issue 4


Fractions: What Happens between Kindergarten and the Army?
Margaret Riddle, Bette Rodzwell
How children from kindergarten to sixth grade think about the same fraction problem, and what that should mean for instruction.

The Shape of Fairness
Elizabeth Penner, Richard Lehrer
Describes how young children used geometric shapes to model a fair playing space for "Mother, may I?"

A Game Involving Fraction Squares
Enrique Ortiz
A game that helps students develop and understand fraction concepts and operations.

Fifth-Grade Students Experience Careers That Use Mathematics
Carol Chanter, Linda Welsh
A project that gives students hands-on experience in the careers of statistician and mathematics teacher as they plan and teach a lesson on problem-solving and then assess its effectiveness.

Learning Geometry and a New Language
Donna Swindal
Discusses the language-inquiry approach to learning geometry and describes the use of geometry stations to promote this inquiry.