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December 2002, Volume 9, Issue 4


It's Not Just Notation: Valuing Children's Representations
Jill Perry, Sandra Atkins
A description of multiple forms of representations that children use when engaging in mathematical activities.

Fostering Flexibility with Number in the Primary Grades
Jennifer Sisul
Experiences involving a hundred pocket chart in a first and second grade classroom that are designed to increase flexibility with number and encourage explanation of thinking.

Promoting Communication in the Mathematics Classroom
Phyllis Whitin, David Whitin
The importance of children representing their mathematical understanding in many different ways. These modes of communication include building, writing, drawing, and talking.

Celebrating 100 with Number Sense
Paola Sztajn
Two activities used with kindergartners during the one hundredth day of school to enhance their number sense.

Describing Reasoning in Early Elementary School Mathematics
David Reid
Examples of several ways of reasoning mathematically used by grade two students while playing games and discussing stories.