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December 2010, Volume 17, Issue 5


What children taught us about rigor
William P. Bintz, Sara Delano Moore

The stars aligned when two demonstration lessons to integrate math and literature revealed the disconnect between the "constellations" of curriculum and learning.

more4u-TCM-100x23 Podcast from NCTM's 2011 Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana
Equity and Rigor, How Do They Relate?
Presenters: William P. Bintz, Sara Delano Moore 

First grader's number knowledge
Jonathan N. Thomas, Pamela D. Tabor, Robert J. Wright
Whether working side by side with your colleagues—or miles apart—sharing observations of youngsters understanding of Number and Operations has important implications for your instructional practices.

Preschoolers' thinking during block play
Diana L. Piccolo, Joan Test
Investigating and describing spontaneous, exploratory play opens a window into the types of mathematics that very young students can and do accomplish.