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December 2013, Volume 20, Issue 5


Mysterious Subtraction
Amy F. Hillen and Tad Watanabe
Conjecturing is central to the work of reasoning and proving. This task gives fourth and fifth graders a chance to make conjectures and prove (or disprove) them.

The Distributive Property: The Core of Multiplication
Cathy J. Kinzer and Ted Stanford
This activity sequence illustrates the conceptual development of important mathematical ideas, among them the understanding of area and how to deconstruct complicated problems.

Instructions for five activities

Helping Young Children See Math in Play
Amy Noelle Parks and Diana Chang Blom
Capitalize on opportunities for mathematical concepts to emerge in common preschool contexts, such as doll corners and block centers.

Strengthening Discussions- FREE PREVIEW!
Allison B. Hintz
Teachers can foster strategy sharing by attending to the cognitive demands that students experience while talking, listening, and making mistakes.