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February 2005, Volume 11, Issue 6


Number Concepts and Special Needs Students: The Power of Ten-Frame Tiles
Christine Losq
Why 10-frame tiles offer an effective alternative to base-10 blocks for teaching place value. The authors further describe how teachers can use the 10-frame model to help children develop understanding of number and place value concepts and skill with computation.

Freedom Quilts: Mathematics on the Underground Railroad
Maureen Neumann
Examine the geometric properties involved in making different quilt patterns and the cultural significance these quilts hold for Africans on southern plantations escaping to freedom. Lesson ideas with mathematical and multicultural connections are provided for classroom teachers.

Supporting Diverse Learners: Teacher Collaboration in an Inclusive Classroom
Wendy Bray
A look at the challenges inherent in a pilot study looking at the impact of mathematics reform on students with exceptionalities. This article explores some of the ways these second-grade teachers support the mathematics learning of the diverse group of students in their class and how readers can support a diverse student population in their own classrooms.