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February 2006, Volume 12, Issue 6


How Many Blades of Grass Are on a Football Field?
Christina Nugent
The use of a problem-based instructional task in an elementary classroom. After estimating the number of blades of grass on a football field, students write letters to explain the results of their research. Teachers will learn how to implement this task and similar problem-solving tasks in the elementary mathematics classroom.

How Many Days 'til My Birthday? Helping Kindergarten Students Understand Calendar Connections and Concepts
Mary Barnes
A new approach to helping kindergarten students develop conceptual understandings about calendars, representation of time, and elapsed time. Teachers will learn how to integrate daily tasks, such as calendar time, into a math lesson to teach students using real world connections.

Whimsical Path to Math: Implementing the Navigations Series
Donna Christy
Lessons that link mathematics topics with literature, the NCTM's Navigations series, and art projects. Each lesson is designed around a theme and is laced throughout with fantasy. Examples of implementing these lessons in the classroom are included.