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February 2007, Volume 13, Issue 6


Measuring Growth on a Museum Field Trip: Dinosaur Bones and Tree Cross Sections
Maija Sedzielarz, Christopher Robinson
The MathPacks program at the Science Museum of Minnesota provides students with in-depth understanding of real-world applications of mathematics and science. Students measure museum specimens and investigate ratios, patterns, and mapping while simulating the work of scientists. Includes student worksheet.

Problem Solving in a Structured Mathematics Program
Robert Buyea
How to incorporate problem-solving investigations in a fourth-grade classroom within a structured and rigid mathematics program. Includes six different solutions to problems.

Fostering Mathematical Thinking and Problem Solving: The Teacher's Role
Nicole Rigelman
Describes the teacher's role in promoting mathematical thinking and problem solving in the classroom—identifying critical teacher actions and decisions; considering how beliefs influence the teacher’s actions and decisions; and suggesting implications for teachers and students.

What's on Your Nation's Report Card?
Anderson Norton III
A report on a sample of fourth graders' responses to the 2003 NAEP exam. Readers are invited to analyze the responses to assess students’ concepts of fractions. The article has four examples of student work.

Tips for Including Elementary Students with Disabilities in Mathematics Class
James Truelove, Calli Holaway-Johnson, Katherine Leslie, Tom Smith
Tips for classroom teachers for including students with disabilities in elementary mathematics classes, focusing on the role of the teachers and specific interventions.