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February 2008, Volume 14, Issue 6


Tiering and Scaffolding: Two Strategies for Providing Access to Important Mathematics
Lori Williams
Examples of tiering and scaffolding to promote equity among students. The examples are tiering a third grade fractions lesson and tiering and scaffolding a second grade geometry lesson. There is also a general discussion of equity. This article is for teachers to help develop tiered instruction and gives three examples of student work.

Why Math Blogs?
Shirley Pyon
In this action-research study, a third-grade teacher explores the impact of student blogs on the quality of their mathematical discussions. The teacher introduced math blogs to facilitate a productive online discussion focused on multistep story problems. This study is for teachers that want to develop student understanding through writing using technology. The article has a helpful hint section that focuses on how to set up blogs.

Design of Activities on Numerical Representations Based on Cognitive Research
Eleftheria Kalifatidou
Cognitive research on numbers' representations is used to develop a program of activities for a nursery school enabling the children to externalize and strengthen their internal representations about numerosity and link them with external symbolic representations. This article is for teachers that supply students work.

Focal Points: Pre-K to Kindergarten
Douglas Clements and Julie Sarama
The second in a four-part series exploring the use of Curriculum Focal Points for Prekindergarten through Grade 8 Mathematics—A Quest for Coherence (NCTM 2006).  This article is designed for teachers.