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February 2009, Volume 15, Issue 6


Ten Is the Magic Number!
Lindsay Barker
How this teacher develops composition of ten with second graders was dramatically reshaped by the 2006 release of NCTM’s Curriculum Focal Points. The release of Curriculum Focal Points—particularly the suggestion that number sense and computation be focal areas in the second-grade mathematics curriculum—resulted in positive changes in this author’s approach to teaching these areas. Providing extended time to focus on the composition and decomposition of ten and its applications allows students to become more efficient at computation, develop greater number sense, and positively impacts the way they view math.

Strengthening Connections between Elementary Classroom Mathematics and Literacy
Jennifer Altieri
Enjoyable literacy strategies help elementary teachers reinforce students’ mathematics knowledge. This article shares a number of literacy strategies that can easily connect with mathematics.

A Venue for Peer Reviews
Randall Groth, Claudia Burgess
Online conversations help teachers engage in constructive criticism and attend more carefully to aligning lesson plans with problem solving. This article describes a strategy for using an online discussion board to help teachers evaluate one another’s lesson plans.