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February 2014, Volume 20, Issue 6


Can Kindergartners Do Fractions?
Julie Cwikla
Do prekindergarten students describing and illustrating their attempts at fair-sharing tasks exhibit a spontaneous understanding of fractions prior to formal instruction? This researcher shares her findings.

Beyond Cookies: Understanding Various Division Models
Cindy Jong and Robin Magruder
Reflect and Discuss
Build on teachers’ and students’ understanding of division by emphasizing partitive and measurement models and strategies for writing quality division story problems.

From Whole Numbers to Invert and Multiply
Laurie O. Cavey and Margaret T. Kinzel
An instructional sequence used in a course for prospective teachers directly relates to Common Core State Standards for grades 3–6.

A fraction operations rubric

Teacher Leaders Advancing Mathematics Learning- FREE PREVIEW!
Cathy J. Kinzer, Mari Rincón, Jana Ward, Ricardo Rincón, and Lesli Gomez
Four elementary school instructors offer insights into their classrooms, their unique professional roles, and their leadership approaches.