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March 2003, Volume 9, Issue 7


Time-Travel Days: Cross-Curricular Adventures in Mathematics
Irene Percival
A series of imaginary visits to earlier civilizations in which the mathematics of each historical period is situated in its social setting. Art and language arts activities based on the mathematics provide further cross-curricular experiences.

Promoting Mathematical Discourse through Children's Literature
Amy Roth McDuffie, Terrell Young
Examples of children's books and discussion prompts that can be used to facilitate mathematical discussions in teaching and learning.

A Case of Units
Christopher Kribs-Zaleta, D'Lynn Bradshaw
A case study of young children measuring on the playground is used to illustrate the development of the understanding of units of measurement and the importance of teachers' capitalizing on the informal mathematical situations that arise naturally in children's conversations.

What Do You Get When You Cross a Math Professor and a Body Builder?
Bridget Arvold, Gina Stone, Lynn Carter
In this story of a teacher-designed activity called Garage Math, fifth-grade students broadened their understanding of how mathematics is used in the real world and strengthened their mathematical skills as they assumed the roles of construction workers.

Take Care of Mother Earth: Technology and the Environment
Diane Parker
Students in grades 1 and 2 did a two-year research project to help take care of their world. Technology afforded them an effective means of interpreting and communicating their findings to a far broader audience than they had anticipated.

Making the NCTM Standards User Friendly for Child Care Teachers
Edith Skipper, Edna Neal Collins
This article describes a project that focused on interpreting NCTM Standards for child care teachers and increasing the effectiveness of mathematics instruction in their classrooms. The project incorporated on-site modeling, hands-on workshops and sample materials for circulation among classrooms and families.