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March 2004, Volume 10, Issue 7


As People Get Older, They Get Taller: An Integrated Unit on Measurement, Linear Relationships, and Data Analysis
Elana Joram, Christina Hartman, Paul Trafton
A unit of instruction designed to promote algebraic thinking in second graders. Students examined second- and fourth-grade students' ages and heights on a table and graph and described the patterns that they observed in the data. Included are samples of the life-size graphs that students constructed to make predictions about the heights of family members and schoolmates.

Learning Strategies for Addition and Subtraction Facts: The Road to Fluency and the License to Think
Lisa Buchholz
The impact of thinking about addition and subtraction facts instead of rotely memorizing them. Describes in detail the addition strategies that students used and mini-units to teach each strategy. Each mini-unit included introduction using manipulatives, a student illustration of the strategy, math journaling, and an informational newsletter describing the strategy to parents.