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March 2005, Volume 11, Issue 7


Math Riddles: Helping Children Connect Words and Numbers
Carl Sherrill
Student-written math riddles provide worthwhile mathematical tasks that support the learning of important concepts as they engage and challenge children. Procedures for classroom teachers to use, guiding students as they create math riddles for their classmates to solve are presented.

Reflecting Shapes: Same or Different?
Jessica Schoffel; M. Breyfogle
How a first grade class is introduced ato the concept of symmetry. The lesson includes activities for classroom use on developing recognition of objects that have symmetry, as well as visualization of both horizontal and vertical lines of symmetry.

Preparing Preservice Teachers for Inclusive Coteaching: A New Approach for Mathematics Methods Instruction
Lisa Carnell; Mariann Tillery
How a three-week module was inserted into an elementary mathematics methods course in order to demonstrate co-teaching models for preservice teachers and to provide preservice teachers with instructional strategies for special needs students.

Calculators for Students with Special Needs
Tony Thompson; Stephen Sproule
A framework to aid instructional decision-making regarding classroom calculator use. The guide focuses on both teacher goals and the students' needs and abilities. The reader is challenged to rethink the possible role that calculators can serve for all students, in particular, as a classroom accommodation for students with special needs.