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March 2006, Volume 12, Issue 7


A Mathematical Exploration of Grandpa's Quilt
Anne Reynolds, Darlinda Cassel, Eileen Lillard
A mathematics unit developed with second-grade students based on the story Grandpa's Quilt. The activities encourage students to make connections with a number of areas of mathematics, particularly patterns and relationships, measurement, geometry, and spatial sense as well as multiplication activities. Examples of way to implement the unit in the mathematics classroom are included.

On Becoming a Better Problem-Solving Teacher
Barbara O'Donnell
How teachers learn to implement problem solving in their classrooms through participation in an evolving problem-solving class. Includes examples for implementation.

Posing Problems from Children's Literature
Elaine Young, Christine Marroquin
Elementary teachers learn to pose mathematical problems based on children's literature books to use in their classrooms. Examples of appropriate books and implementation are included in this article.

The Teaching and Learning of Fractions: A Japanese Perspective
Tad Watanabe
How Japanese curriculum treats fractions. Several questions are raised concerning the way fractions are typically taught in North America, and readers are able to reflect on their teaching style versus that of Japanese teachers.