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March 2013, Volume 19, Issue 7


Teaching and Learning with Real-World Tools
Kelly S. Chrisler
To better prepare students for their future careers, a fifth-grade teacher designs and implements a lesson that uses spreadsheet software to graph functions.

How to Leverage the Potential of Mathematical Errors
Wendy S. Bray
Incorporating a focus on students’ mistakes into your instruction can advance their understanding.

Learning Together
Andrea K. Knapp, Vetrece M. Jefferson, and Racheal Landers
Parental involvement in a math program that includes professional development for teachers can improve relationships and increase student motivation and achievement.

Can We Really Count on Frank?- FREE PREVIEW!
Jennifer L. Marston, Tracey Muir, and Sharyn Livy
Use this new framework to select and analyze picture books for their mathematical content, such as the accuracy of the number of cans that stack in a shopping cart.

Facilitating Productive Discussions
Nesrin Cengiz
Capitalize on student thinking to create opportunities to further their mathematical reasoning.