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March 2014, Volume 20, Issue 7


Connecting the Threads of Area and Perimeter
Jordan T. Hede and Jonathan D. Bostic
See how sixth-grade students design and create quilt squares for this geometry project.

A two-page student activity sheet

Differentiated Instruction in Shared Mathematical Context
Maryl Gearhart and Geoffrey B. Saxe
Try these methods for integrating diverse learners.

Oki-Doku: Number Puzzles
Cristina Gomez and Dani Novak
Consider using these problems to help students develop number and operation sense in a simple and fun way.

Additional Oki-Doku puzzles

Using Constructed Knowledge to Multiply Fractions
Taajah Felder Witherspoon
Observe fourth graders’ thinking in action as they connect the multiplication of whole numbers to arrays.

Teaching Mathematics through Multicultural Literature- FREE PREVIEW!
Nevin Iliev and Frank D’Angelo
Enable children of all backgrounds to move beyond their current knowledge base and make culturally relevant mathematical connections.

A resource list for Teaching Mathematics through Multicultural Literature