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April 2003, Volume 9, Issue 8


Prisms and Pyramids: Constructing Three-Dimensional Models to Build Understanding
Beverly Koester
A variety of activities in which fourth-grade students investigate prisms and pyramids by building models from folded paper and drinking straws.

Algebraic Problem Solving in the Primary Grades
Robert Femiano
Three types of mathematics problems that are useful in promoting algebraic reasoning in the elementary school.

Building a Community of Mathematicians
David Whitin, Phyllis Whitin
How using the familiar "Magic Triangle" puzzle with a class of fourth-grade students contributed to the development of a supportive mathematical community.

Integrating Music and Mathematics in the Elementary Classroom
R. Edelson, Gretchen Johnson
Classroom ideas for integrating music with the teaching of mathematics.

Mathematical Mind Journeys: Awakening Minds to Computational Fluency
Susan Ebdon, Mary McGee Coakley, Danielle Legnard
"Mathematical Mind Journeys" is a lesson format that promotes computational fluency through variable practice that relies on mathematical memory rather than rote memorization.