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April 2011, Volume 17, Issue 8


Math club starting in kindergarten
Ann M. Perry
Inspire a lifelong love of our favorite subject with these proven ideas for early elementary school students.

Numbers and Me
Math Field Trip
Parent Handout

Technology to develop algebraic reasoning
Drew Polly
Try these approaches to boost your students’ understanding and higher-order thinking skills.

Read how you can use this journal article as a Professional Development Experience.

A reflective protocol for mathematics learning environments
Cathy Jeanne Kinzer, Lisa Virag, and Sara Morales
Try this Standards-based practice to collaboratively study students’ opportunities to develop problem solving, communication, and ways of thinking mathematically.

Building a Mathematics Learning Environment (MLE)
A Reflection Tool for a Mathematics Learning Environment (MLE)

Performing big math ideas across the grades
George Gadanidis and Janette M. Hughes
Children’s literature and the dramatic arts can aid students in communicating mathematical understanding.