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April 2014, Volume 20, Issue 8


Assessing Basic Facts Fluency
Gina Kling and Jennifer M. Bay-Williams
Have you had it with timed tests, which present a number of concerns and limitations? Try a variety of alternative assessments from this sampling that allows teachers to accurately and appropriately measure children’s fact fluency.

Quizzes and observation checklists for Assessing Basic Facts Fluency (Word)
Interview of authors Gina Kling and Jennifer Bay-Williams on Princeton Community Television (Video)

Is It Counting, or Is It Adding?
Sara Eisenhardt, Molly H. Fisher, Jonathan Thomas, Edna O. Schack, Janet Tassell, and Margaret Yoder
Appreciate the complexity of counting and adding skills by viewing them through the lens of an early numeracy progression.

Untangling Geometric Ideas- FREE PREVIEW!
Claudia R. Burgess
This geometry lesson uses the work of abstract artist Wassily Kandinisky as a springboard and is intended to promote the conceptual understanding of mathematics through problem solving, group cooperation, mathematical negotiations, and dialogue.

Five pages of an investigation activity for Untangling Geometric Ideas (PDF)