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May 2000, Volume 6, Issue 9


Experiencing Mathematics through Literature: The Story of Neil
Donna Jenner and Ann Anderson
One child's interactions during a shared reading episode provide insights into his mathematical understanding and reveal his normally hidden ability to explain and justify his thinking.

Exploring Children's Thinking about Mathematicians and Their Work
David Rock and Jean Shaw
Describes a survey of 215 children's impressions about mathematicians and discusses the children's responses.

Fractions Attack! Children Thinking and Talking Mathematically
Patricia Alcaro, Alice Alston, Nancy Katims
Illustrates two children's emerging understanding of proportions and fractions through the use of video vignettes.

Selecting Books in Spanish to Teach Mathematics
Victoria Jacobs, Tom Bennett, Cathy Bullock
Explains the use of books in Spanish to teach mathematics, presents examples and book-selection guidelines, and describes a searchable database of appropriate literature.