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May 2001, Volume 7, Issue 9


Mouse Maze Tournament: Connecting Geometry and Measurement
Shirley Curtis
Constructing mazes to race Thunderbolt and Sweetie Pie, two mice, leads to an investigation of geometry and measurement concepts.

Capturing Students' Interests: A Quest to Discover Mathematics Potential
Gladis Kersaint, Michaele Chappell
A framework to gather information about students' interests and then create problem-solving situations based on those interests. This activity can help give equal access to mathematics for all students, including those who have historically had difficulty with mathematics as presented in schools.

Do Numbers Have Shapes? Connecting Number Patterns and Shapes through the Vedic Matrix
Blidi Stemn, Jill Collins
A lesson that teaches number patterns through the Vedic matrix, found in Vedic mathematics from India.


Reader Feedback/Exchange
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In my Opinion
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Problem Solvers
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Early Childhood Corner
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Mathematical Exploration
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Principles and Standards
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Links to Literature
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Reviewing and Viewing
Reviewing & Viewing - May 2001