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May 2004, Volume 10, Issue 9


Ideas for Establishing Lesson-Study Communities
Akihiko Takahashi, Makoto Yoshida
Overview of lesson study and how teachers, schools, and districts can begin to effectively implement a lesson-study approach to professional development.

Assessment and Accountability Strategies for Inquiry-Style Discussions
Rachel Beto
Teaching and assessment strategies that boost participation and hold all students accountable for inquiry-style discussions. A sample dialogue between the teacher and student is included, as well as samples of student work and reflection on assessment.

On the Write Path: Improving Communication in an Elementary Mathematics Classroom
Melissa Anderson, Deena Little
The process that teachers used to increase communication during problem-solving investigations. It demonstrates examples of students’ struggles and successes.

Problem-Solving Strategies of First Graders
Emam Hoosain, Renee Chance
The problem-solving capabilities of three first-grade students. Cognitively Guided Instruction is an example of a research-based, problem-solving approach to teaching mathematics. This article illuminates how a teacher can be a facilitator of knowlege, describing CGI problem types and successful procedures for the classroom.

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 Classified Index: Volume 10, September 2003–May 2004