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May 2006, Volume 12, Issue 9


Learning Mathematics in Dynamic Computer Environments
Nathalie Sinclair, Sandra Crespo
Ways in which technology-supported mathematical investigations can engage students with substantive mathematics. Article focuses particularly on the ways in which the NCTM Process and Content Standards for the elementary grades can be supported by the use of interactive software such as The Geometer's Sketchpad. Teachers will learn about technology material to use to assist in student learning.

Fourth-Grade Results from National Assessment: Encouraging News
Janet Warfield, Peter Kloosterman
An analysis of fourth-grade results on the National Assessment of Education Progress from 1990 to 2003. Information from his article will help teachers inform instruction in the elementary mathematics classroom.

Preparing Preservice Elementary Teachers to Teach Problem Solving
Jane Wilburne
The process used in elementary mathematics content courses to engage preservice teachers in problem-solving activities to enhance their understanding and ability to analyze nonroutine problems. Through this process, preservice teachers' competencies and confidence with these problems improve.

Got Tools? Exploring Children’s Use of Mathematics Tools during Problem Solving
Victoria Jacobs, Julie Kusiak
The results of a year-long exploration of first graders' tool use. Article also showcases instructional activities designed to link tool use with quantitative understanding.

Problems to Deepen Teachers' Mathematical Understanding: Examples in Multiplication
Judith Flowers, Angela Krebs, Rheta Rubenstein
Details problems and instructional approaches intended to promote preservice teachers' understanding of the reasoning underlying whole number multiplication.

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Classified Index, Volume 12, August 2005–May 2006