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May 2011, Volume 17, Issue 9


3 strategies for promoting math disagreements
Angela T. Barlow and Michael R. McCrory
Engage your students in reasoning and sense making with these effective instructional plans.

Contexts for column addition and subtraction
Jorge M. López Fernández and Aileen Velázquez Estrella
Reflect and discuss: Everyday settings, like enjoying freshly baked cookies, can foster proficiency and enhance students’ conceptual understanding.

Number relationships in preschool
Myoungwhon Jung
Try these early-learning experiences to strengthen understanding of number and quantity.

Understanding place value
Linda L. Cooper and Ming C. Tomayko
Exploring ancient numbers helps students focus on the structure and properties of our Hindu-Arabic system. Includes Online Extra: Appendix of web sites.

Appendix of informative and useful Internet links

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