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May 2013, Volume 19, Issue 9


Let’s Take a Road Trip
Martha E. Hildebrandt, Barbara Biglan, and Lisa Budd
Use license plates and local scenes to take your students on an adventure to sharpen their math skills and explore fun ways to apply them.

Using Technology to Balance Algebraic Explorations
Terri L. Kurz
Free, Web-based balance tools can help students visualize the concept of the equal sign as the pivot point of an equation.

Is It a Pattern?
Lynn M. McGarvey
A child’s decision-making photo activity about pattern identification presents implications for teaching and learning patterns in the early years.

Paired photographs for the Reflect and Discuss portion of “Is It a Pattern?”

“We Do Care,” Say Parents- FREE PREVIEW!
Regina M. Mistretta
Forms of inquiry and related findings describe investigative efforts to acquire an understanding of how and why parents and children work together in mathematics the way they do.

A three-page parent survey for “‘We DO Care,’ Say Parents”

Classified Index, Volume 19, August 2012—May 2013- FREE PREVIEW!
Online only
The 2012—2013 index, containing both an author and subject category.