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August 2004, Volume 11, Issue 1


Designing Math Trails for the Elementary School
Kim Richardson
How to construct a multilevel "math trial" exploring mathematics in the environment. Math trails consist of a sequence of stops along a pre-planned route on which students examine mathematics in the environment. The article describes how to create a math trail, and includes sample activities.

Addressing Parents' Concerns about Mathematics Reform
Scott Hendrickson, Daniel Siebert, Stephanie Smith, Heidi Kunzler, Sharon Christensen
Methods teachers can use to address parents' concerns about reform-oriented mathematics curricula. Methods include: hosting evening meetings with groups of parents, preparing general presentations, supplying handouts decribing homework, inviting parents into the classroom, and advice on how to deal with vocal parents.

Zero: A None Number?
Glenda Anthony, Margaret Walshaw
The challenges students face in making sense of zero as a number. A range of different student responses to a computation problem involving zero reveal students' different understandings of zero. Includes student dialogue.