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August 2009, Volume 16, Issue 1


Break the Area Boundaries: Reflect and Discuss
Amy McDuffie, Norma Eve
Follow this professional learning team's lesson redesign aimed at helping second graders understand area by covering physical surfaces with many identical units.

Become “Environmentally” Aware
Rob Allen, Kathryn Chval
Facing a classroom full of students with a plethora of academic and social needs, this fifth-grade teacher recognizes an obligation to analyze his teaching approach.

Second-Grade “Professors”
Zhonghe Wu, Shuhua An, Joyce King, Melissa Ramirez, Stacee Evans
Using graphic organizers and the mathematician’s chair enhances second graders’ proficiency in solving word problems.

Transform Textbook Lessons
Thomas Hodges, Geri Lanry, JoAnn Cady
Transforming conventional elementary textbook lessons into Standards-based teaching goes much deeper than placing a problem in context. If you do not know why or how—read on.