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August 2011, Volume 18, Issue 1


The Math Wizard in Oz
Donna Christy, Karen Lambe, Christine Payson, and Patricia Carnevale
Standards-based, hands-on activities spotlight the classic story.

Four activity sheets (4 pp.) and five appendixes (14 pp.)

Winning the “Hundred Years’ War”
Luann Voza
Arm your students for victory in the age-old battle to master subtraction with regrouping.
Second Look:
Methods of Subtraction

Math in Riley’s World
Karen L. Kritzer
Capitalize on natural opportunities to engage young children with math in their world, contribute to their kindergarten readiness, and develop five-year-old mathematicians.

Disabilities in Written Expression
Teresa J. Gardner
Classroom activities can be part of an effective teaching strategy to help children whose math performance demonstrates a learning deficit.

Second Look - Methods of Subtraction

Check Out These Checkbooks: Real-Life Banking for the Classroom
This program stresses the mathematics skills of banking, problem solving, place value, and multidigit addition and subtraction with and without regrouping. It also stresses neatness, positive behavior, and responsibility, along with skills that relate to other curriculum areas, such as knowing one's own address, signing one's name in cursive, using correct capitalization, and knowing how to spell number words. The children enjoy the program because it imitates real life.

backtalk: How Nicole uses counting up to subtract
At the end of her first grade year, Nicole explains her thought process in solving a subtraction problem.

Learning Strategies for Addition and Subtraction Facts: The Road to Fluency and the License to Think
The impact of thinking about addition and subtraction facts instead of rotely memorizing them. Describes in detail the addition strategies that students used and mini-units to teach each strategy. Each mini-unit included introduction using manipulatives, a student illustration of the strategy, math journaling, and an informational newsletter describing the strategy to parents.