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August 2013, Volume 20, Issue 1


Fractions Instruction: Linking Concepts and Procedures
Nicole Pitsolantis and Helena P. Osana
Three specific sites, or points in real time, during problem solving gave fifth and sixth graders conceptual understanding, procedural skill, and the ability to justify their mathematical thinking about fractions.

Norms and Mathematical Proficiency- FREE PREVIEW!
Signe E. Kastberg and R. Scott Frye
How do classroom behavioral expectations support the development of students’ mathematical reasoning? A sixth-grade teacher and his students developed this example while discussing a ratio comparison problem.

Más o Menos: Exploring Estimation in a Bilingual Classroom
Higinio Dominguez and Melissa Adams
Complement teacher noticing with student noticing to enhance the teaching and learning of estimation.

Más o Menos: Guidelines for preparing estimation tasks

Building Bridges to Spatial Reasoning
Jessica F. Shumway
Three days of using building blocks significantly enriched second graders’ thinking about multiple dimensions.

Podcast from 2013 Annual Meeting: Manipulatives, Models, and Symbols: Representations for Building Number Sense