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September 2002, Volume 9, Issue 1


Students Realize Mathematics Is Everywhere!
Stephanie Berry
A project that helps students to realize the significance of mathematics in their daily lives and to explore mathematical concepts and skills through literature.

Are We Overemphasizing Manipulatives in the Primary Grades to the Detriment of Girls?
Rebecca Ambrose
This article summarizes research revealing that some girls rely on manipulatives rather than invent more abstract approaches to problems. It provides suggestions for teachers to help develop more adventurous approaches to problem solving.

Starting off the School Year with Opportunities for All: Supporting First Graders' Development of Number Sense
Joy Whitenack, Nancy Knipping, Jenine Loesing, Ok-Kyeong Kim, Abby Beetsma
How one first-grade teacher facilitated opportunities for her students to develop number sense.

The Lunchroom Project: A Long-Term Investigative Study
Patricia Manchester
A third grade class's month-long examination of what their grade chose to eat for lunch includes predictions, the challenging of preconceptions, and suggestions for gathering data and using results to make changes that matter to students.

Multicultural Mathematics Instruction: Approaches and Resources
Lynda Wiest
Four approaches to teaching mathematics from a multicultural perspective. Includes a list of resource materials for supporting multicultural mathematics instruction.