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September 2003, Volume 10, Issue 1


Technology as a Tool in the Primary Classroom
Suzanne Alejandre, Varnelle Moore
How a kindergarten teacher presents mathematical concepts using a variety of activities, including manipulatives, technology, stories, and paper-and-pencil tasks.

The Dollar Game: A Tool for Promoting Number Sense among Kindergartners
Holly Hoover
The Dollar Game, a base-ten grouping and trading game, and how a group of kindergarten students reacted to playing the game.

Promoting Young Children's Mathematical Learning through a New Twist on Homework
Kyoung-Hye Seo, Sandra Bruk
How one public school has involved parents in helping three- to five-year-olds do homework that is based on the NCTM Standards.

Using Math Pen-Pal Letters to Promote Mathematical Communication
Sandra Crespo
An interactive letter-writing exchange between students provides a rich context for increasing and improving their mathematical communication.

Tricky Triangles: A Tale of One, Two, Three Researchers
Kristine Reed Woleck
The manner in which research can inform classroom practice, the manner in which classroom practice can contribute to research in the field, and the valuable dialogue that can occur between classroom teacher and university researcher.

Setting the Stage for Computational Fluency with ArithmeTricks
Sandy Hindy
This article encourages teachers to increase their students' number fluency with the introduction of "ArithmeTricks", strategies for adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing numbers that are practical and fun to learn while they increase students' confidence in mathematics.