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September 2004, Volume 11, Issue 2


Balancing Act: The Truth behind the Equals Sign
Rebecca Mann
The misconceptions that students have when using the equals sign and a lesson that teachers can use in the classroom to give students the foundation for an accurate conception of equivalency.

The Thirteen Days of Halloween: Using Children's Literature to Differentiate Instruction in the Mathematics Classroom
Linda Forbringer
How children's literature can be used to provide meaningful mathematics instruction for children functioning at a variety of instructional levels in a single classroom. Teachers can use this information to select appropriate children's literature to use in their classroom to meet the needs of a diverse group of learners.

A Model for Understanding, Using, and Connecting Representations
Lisa Clement
Five different representations and the connections between and among them. The article also describes for teachers how to use multiple representations to support a diverse group of students' mathematical understanding within the mathematics classroom.

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