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September 2005, Volume 12, Issue 2


Nothing Basic about Basic Facts: Exploring Addition Facts with Fourth Graders
Sandra Crespo, Andreas Kyriakides, Shelly McGee
This investigation involves first assessing and then designing instruction to resolve student difficulties with addition facts. The ultimate goal was improving students' computational fluency. Teachers will learn ways to teach, design, and assess tasks to teach addition that will improve student learning.

Exploring Mayan Numerals
Jeff Farmer, Robert Powers
An exploration activity involving Mayan numerals, which can be adapted by teachers at various levels to help students better understand the concept of place value and appreciate contributions to mathematics made by an indigenous Central American culture.

Is Chance Fair? One Student's Thoughts on Probability
Cynthia Nicolson
Surprising misconceptions revealed by a fifth-grade student during a series of interviews about probability. Teachers will learn about misconceptions associated with probability and ways to teach past the misconceptions.

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