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September 2006, Volume 13, Issue 2


Mighty Mathematicians: Using Problem Posing and Problem Solving to Develop Mathematical Power
Maggie McGatha, Linda Sheffield
A year-long professional development institute combined with a summer camp for students. Both were designed to help teachers and students develop their problem-solving and problem-posing abilities. Teachers will learn about effectively posing problems to aid in student problem solving.

Students THINK: A Framework for Improving Problem Solving
Kelli Thomas
The results of research about students' and teachers' use of an interaction framework (THINK) to guide group communication about problem solving. Students who used the THINK framework demonstrated greater gains in problem-solving achievement than students who did not use the framework. Teachers reading this article will understand the THINK framework and how to apply it to classroom use.

Developing Number Sense through Real-Life Situations in School
Der-Ching Yang
An example of a fourth-grade lesson from Taiwan in which number sense is developed through real classroom interactions.

Fostering Relational Thinking while Negotiating the Meaning of the Equals Sign
Marta Molina, Rebecca Ambrose
How third-grade students developed an understanding of the equals sign and began to use relational thinking as they discussed true/false and open-number sentences. The sequence of instructional activities and children’s responses to them are provided.