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September 2013, Volume 20, Issue 2


Changing the Rules to Increase Discourse
Lisa A. Brooks and Juli K. Dixon
A second-grade teacher challenges the raise-your-hand-to-speak tradition and enables a classroom community of student-driven conversations that share both mathematical understandings and misunderstandings.

A Balancing Act
Henry Borenson
An operational understanding of the equal sign can hinder learning its relational meaning.

Mastering Fact Fluency: Are They Game? Reflect and Discuss
J. Godfrey and Jamalee Stone
Take-home binders and daily math talks help a second-grade class ease through Baroody’s (2006) stages.

Activity sheet and letter from teacher to home

Developing Multiplicative Thinking from Additive Reasoning
Jennifer M. Tobias and Janet B. Andreasen
Using the context of restaurants and ratios to find equivalent fractions can push students’ strategies forward.

From Classroom to Coach: One Teacher’s Journey- FREE PREVIEW!
Penny Cataldo
In addition to differentiating and developing curriculum, this teacher’s transition to coaching in an early childhood setting involves a complex blend of mentoring teachers, teaching students, and discovering resources.