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November 2014, Volume 45, Issue 5


RESEARCH COMMENTARY: A Call for Postdoctoral Positions in Mathematics Education
Elise Lockwood and Eric Knuth
In many STEM-related fields, graduating doctoral students are often expected to assume a postdoctoral position as a prerequisite to a faculty position, yet there is no such expectation in mathematics education. In this commentary, the authors call on the mathematics education research community to consider the importance of postdoctoral fellows and make the case that prioritizing postdoctoral positions could afford mutual benefits to the postdocs, to faculty mentors, and to the field at large.

A Method for Using Adjacency Matrices to Analyze the Connections Students Make Within and Between Concepts: The Case of Linear Algebra
Natalie E. Selinski, Chris Rasmussen, Megan Wawro, and Michelle Zandieh
The central goals of most introductory linear algebra courses are to develop students’ proficiency with matrix techniques, to promote their understanding of key concepts, and to increase their ability to make connections between concepts. The authors present an innovative method using adjacency matrices to analyze students’ interpretation of and connections between concepts.

Developing Visions of High-Quality Mathematics Instruction
Charles Munter
This article introduces an interview-based instrument that was created for the purposes of characterizing the visions of high-quality mathematics instruction of teachers, principals, mathematics coaches, and district leaders and tracking changes in those visions over time. The instrument models trajectories of perceptions of high-quality instruction along what have been identified in the literature as critical dimensions of mathematics classroom practice.
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Mathematics Teachers’ Enactment of Cognitively Demanding Tasks: Investigating Links to Teachers’ Knowledge and Conceptions
Anne Garrison Wilhelm
This study sought to understand how aspects of middle school mathematics teachers’ knowledge and conceptions are related to their enactment of cognitively demanding tasks. The author found that teachers’ mathematical knowledge for teaching and conceptions of teaching and learning mathematics were contingent on one another and significantly related to teachers’ enactment of cognitively demanding tasks.

BOOK REVIEW: Learning With and From Others: A Review of The International Handbook of Collaborative Learning
Alan H. Schoenfeld
A review of the 2013 book titled The International Handbook of Collaborative Learning, edited by Cindy E. Hmelo-Silver, Clark A. Chinn, Carol K. K. Chan, and Angela O’Donnell.


Guest editors and reviewers are acknowledged for their work on the Journal for Research in Mathematics Education in 2013.

Nominations Sought For The First ICMI Emma Castelnuovo Award

Nomination information is given for a new ICMI award named for Italian mathematics educator Emma Castelnuovo. The deadline for nominations is December 2014.

Index: Volume 45, 2014- FREE PREVIEW!

The index covers the January 2014 to November 2014 issues of the Journal for Research in Mathematics Education.