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October 2014, Volume 108, Issue 3


Reasoning and Sense Making with Pythagoras
Matt B. Roscoe
Scaled-up versions of a triangle lead to uncommon proofs of the Pythagorean theorem and rich mathematical connections.

Probability Explorations in a Multicultural Context
Nirmala Naresh, Suzanne R. Harper, Jane M. Keiser, and Norm Krumpe
The early Hawaiian game of LuLu can be used to discuss both experimental and theoretical probability.

Investigation worksheet plus simulation tool (PDF)

The Best Friend Mathematics Ever Had
Colm Mulcahy and Albert Goetz
A tip of the hat to the popular mathematics writer Martin Gardner

Lesson Planning with the Common Core
Linda A. Estes, Amy Roth McDuffie, and Cathie Tate
Research, theory, and the Common Core State Standards apply to lesson planning—a process similar to planning a road trip.

Connecting the Dots: Rediscovering Continuity
Kristin A. Camenga and Rebekah B. Johnson Yates
A deep understanding of continuity enables teachers to help students construct a richer concept of function and attend to precision.