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November 2014, Volume 108, Issue 4


The Algebra Artist
Darin Beigie
Students create drawings with online software and are inspired to think holistically about graphing algebraic equations and inequalities.

Full-size images of all figures (PDF)

Mathematics Teaching as a Narrative Art
Michael George
Mystery and improvisation, tools of the narrative arts, can be incorporated into mathematics instruction to leave a lasting impression.

Personalized Learning in Algebra
Candace Walkington, Milan Sherman, and Elizabeth Howell
Connection to students’ individual interests helps imprint mathematics concepts.

Curiosity and Connections- FREE PREVIEW!
Kien H. Lim
Counterintuitive results based on Simpson’s paradox generate rich discussions about scoring and weighted averages.

“Both Answers Make Sense!”
Elise Lockwood
Using sets of outcomes to reconcile differing answers in counting problems.

Impromptu Investigations in Proof
Mark E. Izydorczak
An unexpected departure from an intended calculus lesson—maximizing the area of a rectangular enclosure containing interior fences—gives students insight in an exciting way.