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December 2014, Volume 108, Issue 5


Exploration of Patterns in a Calendar
Rongjin Huang, Kyle M. Prince, and Teresa Schmidt
An algebra lesson in four phases supports students’ transition from empirical justification to deductive proof through strategic variation and comparison.

Reconciling Representations- FREE PREVIEW!
William Zahner and Nick Dent
One student’s unexpected solution led us to make sense of the problem about random triangles and persevere to a solution.

A GeoGebra simulation (ZIP)

Three Lessons on Parabolas—What, Where, Why
Ben Ceyanes, Pamela Lockwood, and Kristina Gill
Using The Geometer’s Sketchpad, this sequence of algebra lessons introduces quadratic functions as the product of two linear functions.

A screencast with an explanation for preparing GSP graphs (Video)

Circles and the Lines That Intersect Them
Ellen L. Clay and Katherine L. Rhee
A mathematical inquiry puts meaning into the relationships formed when secants and tangents intersect circles.

How Common Is the Common Core?
Amanda Thomas and Alden J. Edson
This article identifies major differences between NCTM’s Principles and Standards for School Mathematics and the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, including examples and implications for practice.