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May 2014, Volume 19, Issue 9


Establishing Standards for Mathematical Practice
Michelle L. Stephan
A grocery shopping problem can link the Common Core’s standards with a new classroom culture.

Reveal Limitations through Fraction Division Problem Posing- FREE PREVIEW!
Janet Sharp and Rachael M. Welder
Students notoriously struggle with division of fractions in 5 key areas. Hear what those 5 areas are and how recommendations address the limitations.

Students with Learning Disabilities Tackle Multistep Problems
Casey Hord and Samantha Marita
Support math conversations and teach students to approach various problem-solving tasks by encouraging the use of tables.

Deciphering Multiplication Algorithms with the Area Model
Ji-Eun Lee
Prospective teachers explore Egyptian multiplication and Russian peasant multiplication to address the quantitative and qualitative relationships underlying these algorithms.

Thanks from the Editorial Panel

An annual listing of all the volunteers who serve as reviewers and referees for MTMS.

Classified Index, Volume 19- FREE PREVIEW!
Online only
The index for volume 19 of Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School spans August 2013 to May 2014.