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October 2014, Volume 20, Issue 3


Classroom Strategies to Make Sense and Persevere
Jane M. Wilburne, Tara Wildmann, Michael Morret, and Julie Stipanovic
A group of middle school teachers found that four strategies are effective when helping their students work through problems with understanding.

Vocabulary Support: Constructing (Not Obstructing) Meaning- FREE PREVIEW!
Stefanie D. Livers and Jennifer M. Bay-Williams
Reinforce students’ vocabulary knowledge by carefully timing where instruction occurs within a lesson.

Making Homework More Meaningful
Rob Wieman and Fran Arbaugh
Create homework assignments that both engage middle-grades students and strengthen their mathematical understandings and skills.

A Closer Look at Manipulatives in Remediation
Denise S. Peppers, Anna Wan, and Hope E. Phillips
One teacher describes her action research with eighth-grade pre-algebra students who are working on a conceptual understanding of fractions.