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September 2014, Volume 20, Issue 2


Dollars and Sense: Students’ Integer Perspectives
Ian Whitacre, Jessica Pierson Bishop, Randolph A. Philipp, Lisa L. Lamb, and Bonnie P. Schappelle
A story problem about borrowing money may be represented with positive or negative numbers and thought about in different ways. Learn to identify and value these different perspectives.

Integrating Mathematics and Science: Ecology and Venn Diagrams
Eliza Leszczynski, Mika Munakata, Jessica M. Evans, and Francesca Pizzigoni
A mathematics and science activity extends the use of Venn diagrams to a life science context and then circles back to a discussion of professional development and classroom results.

The Road Less Traveled- FREE PREVIEW!
Stephanie R. Whitney
As students work on a routine task, look over their shoulders to see how they are using translations to reason and make sense of mathematics.

Error-Eliciting Problems: Fostering Understanding and Thinking
Kien H. Lim
Student errors are springboards for analyzing, reasoning, and justifying. To induce specific errors and help students learn, choose tasks that might produce mistakes.