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November 2014, Volume 20, Issue 4


Enhancing Students’ Written Mathematical Arguments
Jerilynn Lepak
Writing in mathematics is complex. To swim in the deep end of mathematical understanding, a peer-review activity helps students support a claim and communicate it clearly while keeping the audience in mind.

Revisiting Mr. Tall and Mr. Short
Suzanne M. Riehl and Olof Bjorg Steinthorsdottir
While students are solving a proportion problem, their work in a measure space will enable teachers to take the measure of their thinking.

Rethinking Factors
Ziv Feldman
This activity can help students develop an entirely new way of thinking about factors.

Web 2.0 in the Mathematics Classroom- FREE PREVIEW!
Leah P. McCoy
To promote creativity, collaboration, and communication, look to interactive applications, broadly called Web 2.0.