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December 2014, Volume 20, Issue 5


The Oldest Person You’ve Known
Sarah B. Bush, Karen S. Karp, Judy Albanese, and Fred Dillon
A Super Bowl commercial became the impetus for engaging students in a meaningful data collection project.

Going Off-the-Pegs: Revisiting Geoboard Squares- FREE PREVIEW!
Daniel L. Canada, Matthew A. Ciancetta, and Stephen D. Blair
In a lively geometry investigation, students consider what happens when vertices of squares are not on the pegs of a geoboard.

A Tool for Rethinking Teachers’ Questioning
Amber Simpson, Stefani Mokalled, Lou Ann Ellenburg, and S. Megan Che
The Cognitive Rigor Matrix is a tool that teachers can use to analyze and reflect on questions and tasks and, in the process, increase the level of rigor.