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February 2015, Volume 20, Issue 6


An Authentic Task That Models Quadratics
Lorraine M. Baron
Selling muffins introduced students to quadratic functions. Communicating with tables, graphs, and formulas helped solidify their understanding.

Going with the Flow: Challenging Students to Make Assumptions
Mathew D. Felton, Cynthia O. Anhalt, and Ricardo Cortez
Future middle school teachers tested the waters of modeling in the classroom with a bath versus shower water conservation problem.

A Blizzard of a Value
Jonathan D. Bostic
To make a Dairy Queen Blizzard problem stand up to scrutiny, look to the Common Core for a recipe.

Preserving Pelicans with Models That Make Sense
Tamara J. Moore, Helen M. Doerr, Aran W. Glancy, and Forster D. Ntow
A model-eliciting activity is a useful tool that allows students’ problem-solving skills and ideas to take flight.

Fracking: Drilling into Math and Social Justice
Katie A. Hendrickson
A community-focused lesson that allows students to explore and model their findings with mathematics can also produce students who are aware of the environment.